[For my Comprehensive Climbing Résumé, please refer to Davy Vaughan’s posting].
I cut my teeth on the Tatoosh Range, growing up in the shadow of Mt. Rainier – but it was Davy Vaughan – my unsung hero and mentor – that really propelled me to climb higher, ever since I heard of his legendary ascents. The stories of his mountaineering feats have been recounted with awe and reverence at base camps ‘round the world. So impressed have I been with Davy’s lifetime accomplishments and illustrious endeavors, that I have followed at his heels and attempted to replicate his every move, which has been challenging.

Having scrutinized Davy Vaughn’s climbing career faithfully, I must point out several omissions from his résumé; perhaps these were left out due to his extraordinary modesty and self-effacing style (or perhaps because too much time was spent at higher altitudes without supplementary oxygen). Whatever the case, Davy omitted the following:

1. The first free ascent of the Eiger (North Wall, 1970) in under seven hours.
2. Also, Davy did not include his 1969 first ascent of Gasherbrum I (done in a little under two days) and with one hand tied behind his back.

3. Davy’s humility also precluded his mentioning that when he made the first ascent of Mount Everest without oxygen (1978), that he also performed a life-saving emergency appendectomy at 19,800 feet on another climber using only his teeth and the sharp edge of a crampon (the climber was actually a writer, on assignment from the Guinness Book of World Records, who had come along to document the climb). I should know …. I was there and I carried his pack for him.

My own bio can only minimally compare with those great exploits by the Great David Vaughan – my hero. Go Davy!!

Off Belay,

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