DSC – About 2006 (but longer in spirit).

Started cold bivies as a Green Bay Packer fan in Wisconsin (including the 1967 NFL championship game which had a temperature of -13 degree at kickoff). After I found I could handle the cold, I started climbing at Devil’s Lake in the early 70’s. During my time at the UW-Madison and Forestry Products Lab (FS) I would transfer out to Montana for the summers to do timber inventories. During that time I did an early ascent of the north face of North Trapper and decided Montana would be a could place to relocate. Also did some mountain biking and building of trails around Montana. Would recommend the Alpine trail in the Swan Range and coming off the back side of Lost Trail Ski area.

Favorite climbs: North Trapper, West Rib on Denali, Alapamayo (both Peru and Bolivia), Perverticle Sanctuary/Ariana on the Diamond, Shoshone, Old Aid Line on the Wedge, Limelight at Spire. North Faces of Mount Temple and Mount Edith Cavell

Proud ascents: Kurt’s Unemployment Benefits/Beginning for Buckets – Roof Rock (Butte), Friends Rock(Humbugs) , Rich in Spirit (Tony’s Canyon), Unnamed climb #1, Unnamed climb#2, Sometimes Direct (Devil’s Lake)

9 Contour Road Missoula or 19 Mule Deer Lane Anaconda (Georgetown Lake), 549-8064

Some Great Pics:

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