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Brian Leo has always had a certain fascination for the DSC, having lost my original card while floating Yankee Jim Canyon (swimming behind Dad’s canoe). I scanned Steve Jackson’s several years ago. All of the newer cards are probably based on this scan. Congratulations to those of you with your original intact. Two years ago I bought the Dirtysoxclub UHRL as a way to learn web site design. It proved more difficult than I’d expected. Davy’s party last summer sort of galvanized things, so Davy, Steve White and his son Matt have done all the work here.

I’ve been living in Gig Harbor and Port Orchard Washington for 19 years and anyone traveling to the Olympic Peninsula is encouraged to stop in. With a little lead time we could go on a hike together. For employment I own a small company which performs contract work to various cable TV companies. This is mainly electrical testing of existing cables and amplifiers.

I’ve recently met an accomplished hiker here in Washington, Kathleen Brossoit. We have been to the Olympics and Cascades on some nice hikes this spring. I still go climbing although it is usually via a jet to places like El Potrero Chico. Western WA seems better suited to hiking. Last fall Doug McCarty and I hiked 90 mi through Glacier Park. What’s next? Possibly the Italian Cracks on the Grand Teton and a trip to Ireland and Europe this fall.

BL 5/14/08

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