The Club

May 9, 2008

Welcome to the Dirty Sox Club website. This site contains information supplied by its members. Accuracy is not at all guaranteed.

Nonetheless, within the site you will find biographies for those members who have finally learned how to write and/or took the time to write them, as well as a brief, confused and distorted history of the club, and various stories of club members’ misadventures.

The DSC, modeled after the now defunct but once highly revered Vulgarians, is the oldest climbing club around.  It has never been well received when invited to formal affairs. As you can see by their pictures, the members are mostly a bit weathered now but their minds are duller than ever.  The whole thing is rather pathetic and sad, but oddly enough it keeps flopping along, kind of like a fish out of water.

Have fun looking around.

Off  Belay.